1. BBRB(빵빠라방)

Located near Hongdae Univ. station(홍대입구역), this small bakery sells a variety of bread and desserts.

You can eat some of the best macarons here.


2. Dessertree(디저트리)

Located near Apgujeong-Rodeo station(압구정로데오역), in Sinsa-dong(신사동), this small New York style patisserie offers undoubtedly the best desserts in Seoul. 

Apple tarte 'Tatin', 'Tahiti' vanilla icecream, elder flower jelly, Apple brandy 'Calvados'

3. Hab(합.)

Hab is a modern Korean dessert shop in Cheongdam-dong(청담동). 

Ju-ag(주악) is a must-eat here.

You can also some foods besides desserts, such as Tarak-jug(타락죽), which was the soup for kings in the Chosun Dynasty.

Baesuk(배숙) is a hot ginger-pear tea, which is greatly recommended. 

4. Little & Much

Little & Much is a dessert shop near Gangnam-gucheong station which sells mostly mousse cakes.

You can have a heavenly strawberry mousse cake at a reasonable price.

5. Delica-Hans(델리카한스)

Delica-Hans is a take-out patisserie located in the first floor of Lotte Hotel Seoul in Sogong-dong(소공동). 

It changes the kinds of desserts depending on season and situation, and Mont-blanc and Baba are extraordinary.

There is a cafe 'The Lounge' next to Delica-Hans, and you can eat the desserts you bought at Delica-Hans if you order a drink.



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